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Aureum Trading Ltd seeks to become a recognised regional assay laboratory and gold trader with reputable international clients by developing long standing co-operation and ability to deliver high quality product and service to suppliers and clients and uninterrupted supply.


Aureum Trading Ltd operates with an uncompromising commitment to our corporate values. We undertake the responsibility to conduct our business in a transparent, ethical and inclusive manner, recognising and extending our obligations to the various stakeholders.


Aureum Trading Ltd multinational team is considered one of the most professional gold assayers in this region. Our team of expert personnel is committed to adhering to the highest of standards.


We enforce specialised and comprehensive security measures at our World Class Assay Lab and shipments to ensure that your valuable assets are secure and protected both internally and externally.


To become the regional Leader in Gold Assay and Gold Trading sector, a number one preference of choice for traders and banks.


Aureum Trading Ltd is driven to provide International High Standard Gold Assay Lab services, by its infinite dedication to excellence and professionalism.


Our Services

Assaying Services

Aureum Trading Ltd is amongst a handful of assaying laboratories in the Central Africa region offering full-scale assaying services on-site at its facilities. We specialise in traditional Fire Assay Method, also known as the Cupellation Method, to determine the concentration of Gold. The technique uses X-ray fluorescence for the determination of base metal and the elements present inside the alloys.

Physical Gold Wholesale

Aureum Trading Ltd offers a wide range of physical gold wholesale services to support the needs of retailers for large amounts of precious metals in the form of large bars and kilobars.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of the Company’s identity, reflecting the values and commitment to operate our businesses in an ethical manner. We undertake a broad range of initiatives for the benefit of local communities, stakeholders, employees, and environment in the communities we operate.

We have selected three focus CSR Goals reflecting our company’s responsibility and impact:



A solid gold trade compliance policy incorporated by Aureum Trading Ltd ensures that our trading activity is coherent with local and international regulation for gold trading.

Aureum Trading Ltd applies the highest standards of compliance to local and international regulatory requirements. Our strong compliance culture is reflected in our policies and procedures, which incorporate the latest regulatory developments. We have adopted a risk-based approach that enables the identification of areas of exposure in order to manage risks promptly and efficiently.

You may access our latest policies and procedures in the following links.

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